The launch of the UK’s first wedding planner for lesbians and queer women

I’m so pleased to announce the launch of my business Chloe Bond Weddings and the amazing fact that I am the UK’s first wedding planner exclusively for lesbians and queer women. I’m so thrilled and excited to be launching this service for women within the LGBTQ+ community.

While there are many wedding planners that cater for LGBTQ+ marriages and partnerships, there are none purely for women who love women. As a lesbian woman myself, I truly understand the questions that my brides will have before they ask them. It is important to me that my couples are not asked the stereotypical questions that women so often receive such as who is taking the traditional female role at the ceremony, even after the 13 years since same sex relationships were recognised by law in the UK. Every couple is different and will want their day to reflect their style, values and vision as a couple; it is my role to make sure that happens without couples feeling uncomfortable by awkward and outdated questions.

Many suppliers in the wedding industry share rainbows and drag themes whilst trying to attract LGBTQ+ weddings. So often you see a stereotypical butch and femme couple in shoots, one bride wearing a suit and another wearing a dress. Whilst that works for some couples, it doesn’t reflect the varied styles and outlooks of all lesbians and queer women in the UK – it can be like that but it doesn’t have to be! You can break the stereotype and traditions and create the stylish and design-led wedding of your dreams.

One aspect of wedding fashion I really love, is the emerging trend for bridal wear that allows brides to embrace their own sense of style and individuality. I absolutely love 2 piece outfits and jumpsuits, suits with a really feminine edge and non-traditional colours. Same-sex brides can really make a statement with their choice of wedding attire if they want to. There is everything to play for!

Chloe Bond Weddings specialises in creative, urban weddings with bespoke, luxe design. Having experienced over fifteen years in event and programme management, I will use my planning skills to provide a day for brides supported by like-minded suppliers who are unequivocal in their belief that all couples are equal and their love should be celebrated on the wedding day.

2018 is a monumental year for women; it’s the centenary of women’s right to vote in the UK and we have seen strides forward in equality, evolution of the feminist movement and women gaining strength in the workplace and in law in that time. Women who identify as LGBTQ+ need no longer feel obliged to fulfil the stereotypes of heteronormative relationships or pigeonholed into staid traditions. This is our time – love really is love! I couldn’t be more full of joyous anticipation about Chloe Bond Weddings if I tried!

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